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DTA Policies & FAQs

What is the policy for class cancellation?

We are a month to month gym! If you would like to cancel a class you can, you will just need to notify us via email ( by the 20th of the month prior to not be charged for the upcoming month. 

Example: If you wanted to drop December classes you would need to notify us via email by the 20th of November so that we have a 10 day lag period to fill your spot. If you notify us after the 20th of November you will be charged for December. 

How Does Auto-Pay Work?

Auto-Pay is required and is set up in the parent portal when you sign up for classes. 

Starting September 6th, 2022 there
will be a 3.25% transaction fee added to tuition for anyone that is enrolled in the auto-pay program with a card. If you would like to avoid this extra 3.25% charge added to your monthly tuition you can edit your form of payment in your parent portal and change it to ACH. Anyone enrolled in the auto-pay program with ACH will not be charged the 3.25% transaction fee.

Are there dates the gym will be closed?

We follow the Alpine School District Schedule, if there is no school there will be no class. Sometimes we may decide to still hold class, if this is the case you will get an email with additional details.

If I signed up for Auto-Pay with a card how do I switch it over to ACH to avoid the 3.25% card transaction fee?

#1 Login to your Parent Portal 
#2 Click on "Account Settings" 
#3 Click on "Automatic Payments"
#4 Next to "Review Terms" at the top click on "Add a Payment Method" 
You should then be able to add your bank info in (a.k.a. ACH) and have it save as your new default for auto-pay!

What will my payments look like if I decide to keep my card as the form of payment for Auto-Pay so I can still get Credit Card Points each month?

Example of Tuition Break Down with 3.25% transaction fee added: 

1 Hour Per Week $68 + $2.21 (Card Transaction Fee) = $70.21 Monthly Total 
2 Hours Per Week $108 + $3.51 (Card Transaction Fee) = $111.51 Monthly Total 
3 Hours Per Week $143 + $4.65 (Card Transaction Fee) = $147.65 Monthly Total 
4 Hours Per Week $173 + $5.62 (Card Transaction Fee) = $178.62 Monthly Total 

Can my little ones play on the open floor while siblings are in classes?

We can not have any parents or siblings in the training area (on the open floor/trampoline), this is due to liability and our effort to keep the training area clean, safe and professional.

Can we schedule Make Up Classes?

 Yes! Athletes can be scheduled for up to  2 make up classes per month to cover days you may have family events, be sick or days that we do not hold classes at the gym. You will simply need to request a make up class via email ( within 4 weeks of the missed class to get the make up class scheduled.

If you have an athlete enrolled in more than one class, we are only able to accommodate scheduling of up to 2 make ups per month total, not 2 per class.

If my athlete is enrolled in multiple classes can they be scheduled for more than 2 make up classes per month?

Athletes can be scheduled for up to 2 make up classes per month total, this is the case even if they are enrolled in multiple classes at a time.

Can I catch up on make up classes after my athlete has dropped their class?

All make up classes must be attended while an athlete is enrolled. We can not schedule make up classes for an athlete if they are not actively enrolled in classes.

Can I get a refund if my athlete has missed multiple classes and none of the make up classes work with my schedule?

Once athletes are enrolled into a Tumbling, Ninja, Acro or Stunting class they are officially holding a spot in the class, because of this we are unable to issue refunds if an athlete has missed multiple classes and is unable to attend make up classes.

What is the best way to stay in the loop with updates, announcements etc.?

Instagram is by far the best way to stay in the loop! @DTA_Tumbling

Can I do a trial class?

We are not offering trial classes at this time, but we are a month to month gym! Since we are month to month gym you can sign up for a class and if you decide DTA isn't the right fit for your athlete you can drop for the upcoming month. We just need to be notified by the 20th of the current month via email to drop for an upcoming month. If we are notified after the 20th you will be charged for the upcoming month.

Can I sign my tumbler up later in the year?

Our gym is month to month so you can sign up at anytime! 

How will I know if my athlete is ready to move up?

When your tumbler is ready to move up you will be notified via email! Be sure to keep an eye on your promotions box or turn on notifications for emails from DTA.

What is the cap for classes at DTA?

We try our very best to cap at 12 students per class with 2 coaches, if we go over the cap we add an additional coach! We are continually trying to open more class times so that we can keep our caps at 12. Quality control is a big priority at DTA.

Can parents stay and watch?

Yes! We have a brand new built out area for parents to view classes from every angle in the gym!

Can we bring snacks into the viewing area? 

Yes, we just ask that you clean everything up after your done viewing. We want to keep it a nice clean area for all viewers throughout the day.

What should my athlete be wearing to tumbling?

Leotards are preferred, but in general we ask that they wear clothing that is easy to move in and that
is tight enough that when they go upside down it doesn't cover their eyes. Shirts, tanks, leotards, leggings, are all great! 

Can my athlete still participate in the showcase even if we have dropped classes for the month the showcase will be held?

Athletes must be actively enrolled in classes during the month the Showcase is held to participate in the Showcase.

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