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Summer Registration Opens March 24th 2023!
**Summer Session Runs June 5th-August 3rd**


Be sure to sign your athlete up according to their CURRENT  ability.  If your athlete masters new skills and moves up before Summer you can contact our DTA Support Team to edit your class choices. If you are unsure of what level to sign your athlete up for you can contact to set up an evaluation. 


All Pricing is per MONTH

Annual Registration Fee is due at sign up - NON REFUNDABLE

Tuition is charged to the card on file on the 1st of every month
AUTO PAY is REQUIRED, and is set up at sign up.

1 Hour Per Week - $68
2 Hours Per Week - $108
3 Hours Per Week - $143

4 Hours Per Week - $173

$25 Registration Fee Per Athlete

$40 Registration Fee Per Family

Registration Fee is due once every season.

The current season started in September 2022 and goes through August 2023. 

Cancellation Policy

What is the policy for class cancellation?

We are a month to month gym! If you would like to cancel a class you can, you will just need to notify us via email ( by the 20th of the month prior to not be charged for the upcoming month. 

Example: If you wanted to drop March classes you would need to notify us via email by the 20th of February. If you notify us on the 21st of February or any day following, you will be charged for March.

Make Up Class Policy

We follow the Alpine School District Schedule, if there is no school there will be no class. Sometimes we may decide to still hold class, if this is the case you will get an email with additional details.

 Athletes can be scheduled for up to  2 make up classes per month to cover days you may have family events, be sick or days that we do not hold classes at the gym. You will simply need to request a make up class via email ( within 4 weeks of the missed class to get the make up class scheduled.

If you have an athlete enrolled in more than one class, we are only able to accommodate scheduling of up to 2 make ups per month total, not 2 per class.


As of September 1st 2022  there will be a 3.25% transaction fee added to tuition for anyone that is enrolled in the auto-pay program with a debit or credit card. If you would like to avoid the extra 3.25% charge added to your monthly tuition you can edit your form of payment in your parent portal and change it to ACH. Anyone enrolled in the auto-pay program with ACH will not be charged the 3.25% transaction fee.

Provided below you will find a breakdown of what you can expect your payments to look like if you choose to sign up with a debit/credit card on file instead of ACH.

Example of Tuition Break Down with 3.25% transaction fee added: 

1 Hour Per Week $68 + $2.21 (Card Transaction Fee) = $70.21 

2 Hours Per Week $108 + $3.51 (Card Transaction Fee) = $111.51

3 Hours Per Week $143 + $4.65 (Card Transaction Fee) = $147.65

4 Hours Per Week $173 + $5.62 (Card Transaction Fee) = $178.62 

Step by Step Instructions to Switch to ACH:

 #1 Login to your Parent Portal 

#2 Click on "Account Settings" 

#3 Click on "Automatic Payments"

#4 Next to "Review Terms" at the top click on "Add a Payment Method" You should then be able to add your bank info in (a.k.a. ACH) and have it save as your new default for auto-pay!

Register/Login (Winter/Spring 2023): My Experience
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