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DTA Open Gym

Open Gym is $4 and is held Wednesdays 8:30pm-11:30pm (Ages 8+)

Open Gym is supervised practice time in the gym where athletes can use any and all of the equipment in the gym. 

Open Gym Rules & Reminders 

#1 Adults/ Parents will not be allowed on the floor unless they are enrolled in the open gym. (You can add yourself as an athlete under the "Manage Students"

section in the parent poral.

#2 Cheer Shoes or Shoes used for stunting will be the only shoes allowed on the floor.

#3 Participants will need to join the Open Gym online and pay through their portal. Participants will then be checked in upon arrival. 

#4 Participants will be given a wristband and will need to keep it on for the entirety of the Open Gym. This is how we track liability and payment. If an athlete is not wearing a wristband they will be asked to check in at the front desk. 

Open Gym Login: Text
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